Life Science and environmental expeditions

The objective of this learning is to sensitise each child of our fragile environment, the importance of sustainability and to develop a responsibility towards the environment. India has a rich heritage of flora and fauna. Life begins, when we step out of the noise and pollution of the metro cities. These expeditions are under the guidance of life science experts who help students identify species, observe them and encourage them to know more about their life cycle and document their findings.

Under fresh air and ambient conditions, we organize treks through the natural habitats of important flora and fauna. Children are encouraged to identify, study and document species in their natural habitats. These treks are under the guidance of life science experts who serve as the sounding board and mentor for the children. Of course, all is not work. There is plenty of time for fun and enjoyment

Exploring the glorious past

The objective of this learning is to instill the pride and knowledge of our glorious past among the young Indians. India has more than 5000 years of documented history. It is said that one lifetime is not sufficient to see and study our rich historical heritage.

The stories of yesteryears seem more meaningful while touring India’s heritage sites along with a chronologer as a mentor

Ekistic tours

While living in modern societies, it is equally important to know how other societies co-exist with environment. What resources, they draw from nature and influence them. Such learning objectives help sensitise children to the social and cultural diversity, with geography as the backdrop.

Industrial tour

The objective of this learning is not only to demonstrate how manufacturing takes place, but also to sensitise how these industries are behaving responsibly towards the environment.